The Book

Hello, and welcome to The Book! This is an easy place to find all my stories, and a little about them before reading.

Recommended (My Favourites)

Tomorrow – A flash fiction on abuse.

Free  The absolute feeling of freedom that comes with flying. This is one of my real favourites!

All stories


Captain Dan and the Search of Dad – A humorous story, and a bit of a parody on the sci-fi genre and life in general.

Paulo’s House of Extraordinary Meals –  A story of a mysterious man, and his “restaurant”. I’m particularly happy with this story.

Fury – A quick swordplay, between student and teacher.

Bowties Are Cool – A funny little tale, written a bit like a children’s story. It’s about a boring man’s discovery of the bowtie

Caught – A little take on the adrenalin and fear of being chased.

Boo! –  A story of a group of kids that check out a haunted warehouse. I don’t like this one much, but maybe you will!

Created – What happens when you try to play God?

Gold – A man with a poisonous touch, killing or disfiguring everything he gets too close to.

I Miss You – This is a snippet of a larger story, but I like it on its own too. A letter to a missed one.


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