Based from this Reddit Writing Prompt: [EU] Years after the War, Harry Potter receives a message from his cousin Dudley, requesting a meeting.


The letter had come through the mail slot, late one Thursday afternoon. This was unusual already; mostly I got my cases by owl post. Added to that, it was addressed in pen, in a rather untidy scrawl to boot.

Harry Potter – Private Eye

I read the mysterious request twice, after seeing who it was from: cousin Dudley. Hadn’t heard from the fellow in years, since the disastrous Christmas in ’06.

Harry, I need your help. Desperately. Come to my house as soon as you get this. I’ll pay whatever you charge. -Dudley Dursley

Well, he was family; not that that meant much. Still, I closed up shop and made my way to number 4, Privet Drive.


Dudley Dursley lived in his childhood home, moving back there when his parents passed on. He had a wife and kid, Stella and Anne? It had been a decade since I’d seen them, not long after Stella gave birth.

I knocked on the door, and it opened not five seconds later. Before me stood Dudley Dursley, a chubby boy no more, but a broad shouldered man who had risen above the pampered life his parents gave him. He worked in construction, at least last I’d heard.

“Dudley, what is it?” his face was white as if he’d seen Nearly Headless Nick.

“Come in and see.” I followed him through the hallway of my childhood – glanced at the cupboard under the stairs.

The kitchen was a mess: tablecloth pooled on the floor, cutlery and crockery strewn all over the place. What really drew the eyes, was the message in blood across the wall.


“They took my daughter, Harry!”


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