Why I didn’t write today: A trip to Hahndorf


Pictured: My wife (top); Lots of food (bottom)

Today my wife and I had a day out at Hahndorf, a German settlement town that’s 45 minute’s drive from home (Adelaide). Our first stop was the German Arms Hotel, where we got the Feast for Two, and what a feast it was! A BIG pork hock, a pork schnitzel, two pretzels and four sausages (kranskies and wursts).

Apart from the opportunity to stuff ourselves with german food, there’s also a multitude of artisan stores and art galleries. That will have to be another day’s story, as I was so carried away seeing the sights that I forgot to get photo evidence!

While definitely worth the day, I’m inspired to write more now! On the list next is a multi-part adventure series, featuring Nicholas Flamel. I’ll be writing that in my spare time, between the short stories that I’ll post here.

For now, have a great day and see you next time with a new story!


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