[Story] You dare awaken me, Witch?

Credits to CryptCrawler

Continued from yesterday’s Witch story.


A deep thunder echoed through the cavern, and the whole place shook in a fierce rumble. From the depths before the witch came a titanic clawed hand that could have crushed her, and her extended family, in one grasp. Following it was a head topped with gnarled horns, that dwarfed even the claws.

“You’re up quick, I must have caught you dozing,” said the witch cheerily.

“You dare disturb my slumber, witch?”

“Well yes, yes I do.”

The beast let out a deafening roar, pushing her back with the reeking wave of breath.

“You will leave! You have no right to be here, little girl.”

“Actually,” the girl’s face turned serious, “I do. I’ve come here with a proposition. My great grandmother told me all about you. Granny Macy said to say hi.”

“You DARE to say her name! That witch made me into the monstrosity you behold. Begone, spawn of Macy!” He spat to one side; the rocky terrain began to smoke where it landed.

“Wait! I’ve got something for you, first. I promise, I’ll drop them here and then I’ll leave. You don’t have to see me again.”

“What could you possibly have that I desire? Your precious ‘granny’ could do naught for me.”

“Well, now she has,” said the witch simply. “It took four decades of her life, so give it more than a second’s thought, okay?”

“I make no promises.” The creature puffed a volatile breath. “Show me.”

The witch set two small cauldrons on the rocky floor. “The blue one will return you to your old self. You won’t need to hide any longer, and you can do as you wish.”

“And the red?”

“The red…will end your suffering. You can pass on to the next life.”

“Hmm…” rumbled the beast. “Interesting. Leave me, spawn of Macy. I shall decide in my own time.”

The witch turned away, leaving the beast to pore over the fate of his life. Her face shifted as she walked, growing wrinkles and sagging with the signs of a great age. She let out a sigh.

“I’m sorry, Pan,” the old witch mumbled softly, “I hope your choice brings you peace.”


Inspired by a writing prompt from Reddit


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