[Story] The Witch

Credits go to Burari

Credits go to Burari

“Okay, almost there. Just need to add some, let’s see..powdered sheep heart.” A young brown-haired girl stirred the cauldron with her feet, while reading from a thick leather tome in her hands. Behind her lay her favourite broomstick, Old Faithful. The thick bamboo and the large bundle of twigs at the back were like training wheels for a young witch.

“Macy! What on earth do you think you’re doing?” exclaimed a girl that looked like Macy would in five years. Her hands were on her hips and she had a glare that could kill – literally, if Macy had been a regular young girl instead of a witch. She breathed a huff that blew her hair out of the way, and behind her head it tied itself into a ponytail.

“Just making something for Pan, Mum,” she said, pointing a toe to the floor nearby. “And can you wear your face again,please?”

Her mother shifted, and grew several centimetres. Lines appeared on her face, until she looked middle-aged. More creases appeared as she frowned, “Pan’s dead, dear.” The pile of bones was rather unmistakably those of a dead cat. “Give me the spoon.”

“No!” Macy cried out, twisting to grab it by hand as her mother did as well. Her tug sent an already off-balance Macy flying (she grabbed the Old Faithful at the last second), and the cauldron toppling over.

Macy’s mother jumped back, floating back to the doorway. The unfinished potion spilled across the floor, covering anything unlucky enough to be discarded there, including Pan’s bones. The two witches watched from their floating vantage points as the potion drained away into the bones, as though sucked through a straw. The pile of bones rattled for a moment, then fell still.

“Aww…it didn’t work!” Macy exclaimed.

The bones rattled again, stronger this time.

5 months later

Macy held the twine in her mouth while she tucked the last of the twigs against the branch. Wrapped the twine around it all, tying it into a bow at the end. She gave it a satisfied look-over; it was a much leaner wood, built for speed- she hoped.

She cast a glance around the hill-side. “Pan!”

Macy heard it before she saw it. A cat-shaped skeleton ambled towards her at a galloping run. She giggled joyously. “I’m done, Pan! Let’s fly!” Running down the hill towards him, she mounted the broom and jumped. It dropped for just a moment, before picking up height and speed.

Macy shifted hold of the broom to her legs, and held her arms out. The skeleton of a cat jumped, and she caught him with an ‘oof’.


She let him off to sit before her on the broom. “Off we go, Pan!”

The broom shot off from under them. Macy and Pan fell to the hillside and tumbled down to the bottom.

“Ow, ow, ow…not again!”


Inspired by a writing prompt from Reddit


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