[Story] You are a mighty barbarian warrior in a world of Swords and Saucery

I have taken some liberties and written from the other perspective

The great warrior Hyuh raised his bastard sword with a “hyuh!”…the self-centered bastard.

Meanwhile, I held my hands right by my holsters, ready to draw; wriggled my fingers a bit ’cause that’s what all the others do.

“Ready, big man?”

“Whenever you are,” I challenge with a confident stare.

Bad move. He comes at me in a screaming charge, sword swinging back for the blow that was bound to seperate my head. I’d grown fond of it throughout my years, too. I wriggled my fingers again for good measure.




I pull from my holsters in one smooth swing, aiming and pressing firm to fire…and the massive beast of a man falls in a heap to the earth, skidding to a halt.

After a dead-silent moment, the heap moved, and Hyuh groaned. “Oh! Oh! Is that ketchup? And mustard? Oh man, why would you do that?”

I tilt my hat, and put on my deepest one-liner voice. “I just relish the challenge.”

Inspired by a writing prompt from Reddit

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