What would you ask your future self?

Cleaning out the attic – nine parts looking through old things, one part pretending to convince myself that I can throw something away. Mum gave me a box of my old school things last month, and I’d been meaning to look through it, so I decided I’d better do it before I forget again.

Right near the top of the box, below some report cards and a drawing of a ‘Doog’ from when I was 4, I found an envelope.
EnvelopeWell, I’m a little past that now, I thought glumly. I slowly pried open the seal, curious to see what it would be.
“What would you ask your future self?” read the title. It sounded like a good laugh, what my younger self would write. A few seconds later, though, I felt bad for thinking it; remembering how I was as an awkward young girl, I decided that, even though it would make no difference, I’d write the answers just for her.



I cried some more in that attic, but with a smile on my face. Thank you, little Emily.

I think I’ll dust off my old bike and ride it to work tomorrow.

Thanks for reading! This story was written for the Daily Post challenge, List Lesson

9 thoughts on “What would you ask your future self?

  1. I liked this story – it rang realistic. Wouldn’t it be interesting if we could check in with our future selves on occasion? I may give this one a shot (although I’m not promising!) Thanks for writing it!

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