Inspired By…Life!


Part 5 of my Inspired By… Series.

What inspires you to write?

Well, here we are, the last “Inspired By…” post! I’m sure by now you feel like you’ve read more than enough, but I’m going to write it anyway, even if just for myself.

So, what inspires you to write? Pictures? Books? Movies? Music? Those all can give great inspirations, ideas, or just a great feeling after appreciating some wonderfully crafted works. Life, though, has to be the best inspiration around! I’ll give some examples of the sorts of experiences that make me think.


  • A lonely, beautiful forest, where you can find not a single sign of human life, but the air is still full of sounds from all the nature and wildlife around you. A river gurgles to the side, and you can hear ten times the number of birds you can see.
  • On a bus, a couple of middle-aged women have an excited and chatty conversation, completely in sign language. Both have the biggest smiles you’ve ever seen.
  • Bushfires have been raging close to town, it’s late afternoon, getting dark, and a burnt-orange blanket of clouds hangs across the sky. Everything is silent and there is not a person in sight.


So next time you’re out and about, don’t rush. Don’t play Candy Crush on the bus ride, or when you’re at home or with friends. Talk to someone, ask them about what happened today – or even better, ask them what’s going to happen tomorrow!

When you have some free time after work, or school, or just in general, go and find yourself a special place, just for you (or you and your special someone!) Be it a park, a library, a coffee shop, or just your backyard, find yourself a place that gives you a special feeling. When you get there, sit and watch the world go by…and then write!

My (and my fiancee’s) special place – Adelaide’s Himeji Gardens


Has a seemingly little moment in life ever inspired you to put pen to paper? Tell us about it! Even better, link to it! 

Keep your eyes wide open this week, and watch for those inspiring situations that would normally pass you by. It’ll improve your writing, and even your mood and quality of life!


That’s all from me, on the topic of inspiration – I hope you enjoyed my series! I’d love to hear what you’ve thought on it; hopefully some people have come away from reading one part or another, inspired and ready to write!

Thank you for reading,


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