Inspired By…Movies


Part 3 of my Inspired By… Series.

What inspires you to write?

Movies are an experience that last only a short while, but a truly great movie can leave an impression that lasts  a lifetime. I’m sure everyone out there has their favourite movies, that they watch again and again, or that they find themselves quoting lines from.

My personal favourite lines have to be “Allons-y” (Doctor Who), and pretty much any line from The Princess Bride, but I have to say every movie/TV show in the above picture above has moved me in some way.


When you think of the movies that move you, does it inspire you to write? I find after watching a great movie (especially for the first time, though repeats work,) I’ll follow it up often with some of my best writing ideas.

My story Bowties Are Cool” was loosely inspired by Doctor Who, and “I Miss You” was part of a story inspired by V for Vendetta.

What movies inspire you the most? Do you have a story inspired by a favourite movie, or an idea that came to you while watching something?

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