Inspired By…Pictures


Part 1 of my Inspired By… Series.

What inspires you to write?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I have to agree: when I see a good picture, I can be inspired to write a thousand words!

A great picture is one with so much depth and character, but because it has no story for you, you’ll make up your own story for it! The above picture inspired me to write one of my personal favourite stories – The Storyteller. I haven’t posted it here because I’m so happy with it I want to try making something real of it (possibly a mini-book.)


My Desktop (without its usual icon mess)

So, when you’re running out of ideas to write (or any other sort of creative arts) maybe you could give a try at some pictorial inspiration!

Go somewhere you can find some great images, like 500px, or DeviantArt, where you can find some truly great, awe inspiring sceneries, or a quiet little picture of a character or a cafe (or library), that gives you that peaceful or happy feeling inside.

When you find the picture that evokes strong feelings for you, write about it! Tell the reader all about those feelings, create some characters to experience them, and tell us a story about that wonderful place or person.

If you already do this, do you have any pictures you use to inspire you? Share them with us in the comments.

Inspired by my pictures? Write a story and share the link!

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