2014 Resolution – Publish a Book!

2014 - Year of the Book!

I will publish my own book before the end of 2014 – This is my resolution, my promise to myself.

Why now? Well, my fiancée put me on the spot, on New Year’s Eve, asking me “What’s your new year resolution?” I just decided there and then, that I’m going to make myself work hard, and publish a book!

What will I publish? Since my specialty has been in writing shorter stories, I’m not very likely to write a full novel right now (but I have been trying! I’ll get there one day.) So what I am going to do, is just write, write ,write, and when I think I’m ready, I’ll publish a short story collection or a mini-book.

How will I do it? Well, I’ve only resolved to do this right now, but I will self-publish my story/stories online, as well as trying my hand at hand-binding a physical book! I’ll sell it via this site, etsy, and any other handmade/book selling venue I can think of.

How successful do you think you’ll be? To be honest, not at all! But hey, it’s worth a try, and if I have fun doing it, it’s worth it. If I have something at the end to be proud of, I’ll be very happy, even if I don’t sell a single copy.

Well, that’s my plan for 2014 – what’s yours? Have you self-published, or published via a publishing house? Do you plan to do so
this year? I’d love to hear your stories!

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