Write Or Die 2 – Writing App Review (PC)

Like some writers, I find myself taking my time when writing, to the point where I don’t get very much done. If you are like that, and need a bit of a push or incentive, this is the software for you.

I just began to try Write or Die last week, when writing “Head in the Clouds”. This story was taking me several days to write, and it was only about halfway done. After downloading Write Or Die, I finished it that very day, in one quick hit! So, I just had to write a post, to tell others about this useful little tool (not sponsored, just very happy with it and want to share!)


What is Write or Die? What does it do?

Write or Die’s basic idea is to encourage you to write without pause to question yourself, and to just let your creative thoughts flow. It does this by giving incentives or punishments, depending on your choice.

If you’d prefer to have incentives to help you along, Write or Die will give you a sound and picture reward for every certain number of words you write. You can choose from kittens, puppies and a mix of other cute critters to give a happy boost to your writing speed.

If you’d rather punishment, you’ll get an annoying or scary sound, accompanied by a similar image (grumpy cat barely seems like a punishment though!) This works well if you want to feel like you’re writing for your life…or your sanity.


I went with rewarding critters of course!


The Verdict

After trying out Write or Die for a week, I have found it to be the best thing around for pushing myself to write more, and faster. Of course, it’s for a specific need, so if you don’t need pushing then this is not for you.

I will say, however, it’s a very recent release. Write or Die 2 has only just come out at the beginning of this month, and there are some little bugs. It’s mostly just little annoyances that are still being ironed out, and overall I’ve been happy with the software.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Write or Die 2.


Where can I get it?

Here’s a link to the Write or Die homepage – Write or Die. You can buy the software here, for $20, or $15 if you are a student, teacher, or if you bought the original.

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