Never Know

A Short Story by ForLackofPaper.

The street light hit the shattered glass from a bottle on the side-walk, making it dazzle in a multitude of colours as the car drove past.

“It’s just all so different from when I was mortal.” The phrase rolled off my tongue – like I hadn’t been mortal only a few short hours ago.

“There’s probably a lot that’s changed.” David replied, “You’ll never know most of it now. This is the last time I drive you anywhere, by the way.” He eyed my fangs as he said this, some fear evident in his eyes.

On the back seat lay an ancient being; bloodless, shrivelled, and dead.

Author’s Note: A bit morbid, I know, but I like it. What do you think when you think of Vampires? (No sparkling, please!)

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