A short story by ForLackOfPaper.

Beside the road sits a ripe, red rose, its petals looking beautiful dancing in the breeze. I kneel down, closing my eyes to better smell the flower…it smells sickly sweet for but a moment, and is gone.

I open my eyes. The rose is black. Dead. Dust. The grass as my feet is a crackling brown, and not a single flower stands nearby.

Behind me lies death, ugliness and ruin. Before me lies that which has not yet been ruined. This is my curse.

I avoid the towns as much as I can, because there is naught there for me. Anyone too close to me will sprout boils, or grow wrinkles, or lose their hair. People, it seems, cannot survive without their good looks, for they run away and scream for their lives whenever I walk by.

It’s a lonely life.

Lost in my musings, I trip over another person. “Oh no! I’m so, so sorry,” I gasp, horrified that I’d likely ruined someone else’s life. I look up – and I find the most beautiful person I have ever laid eyes upon. Her hair was a crisp, dry black, that hung from her shoulders down her back. Her crooked smile was brighter than the sunniest day, and her dark eyes sparkled with humour. She reached down a hand to help me up.

“Wait, don’t touch me!” I cry, but too late. Her hand grasps mine and she pulls me to my feet. In dismay, I look for the disfigurement, for what my touch has taken. I look and look again – nothing! It has taken nothing!

“Oh!” she exclaims, “My hair! It lost all its colour, did that happen when you touched me? That’s fantastic, I disliked blonde so very much.”

“I’ve never had my touch improve someone before. And you are perfect,” I barely breathe the last, unable to keep it to myself. She must have heard it, as her crooked smile shines even brighter.

“You’re perfect too,” she spoke with a blush, “And I’d love to get to know you.”

We walk the road hand in hand now. The road behind blooms and grows, and before us lies a beautiful world that we’ll experience together.

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