Ender’s Game – Recommended Read

endersgameI thought this might be a good time to recommend this read, as the movie version will be coming out soon, so people may be curious.

The Story:

Earth has been attacked by aliens, once before…luckily they were rebuffed by a genius of a general. But what will happen if he’s not around when the next invasion comes?

The governments have the answer to this – breed children to be geniuses, then take the smartest from this program and train them to be generals. Ender is taken, and trained in mock-battles and other tests of wit and skill. Read the book to find out more than that šŸ˜‰

The Read:

Ender’s Game was one of my favourite stories of all time – you will be taken along for a ride when you read it, and always be looking out for what’s going to happen next. Ender – along with all the other children – are geniuses, but they’re still children, so their immaturity shines through at times. It’s a greatly stimulating book, and really makes you think towards the end.

While the idea behind the story was one of the best I’ve seen, the story can be a little childish at times. I found that basically every character you meet has to be a genius (I know, part of the story, but some side-characters could have been dumber). As well as this, some parts of the story didn’t carry the full emotion they could have – I guess I’m pampered for good character development and interaction, but this story didn’t carry much of it in compared to others. If you don’t mind those things though, the story more than makes up for those couple of things.

Overall, it was a story that brought me back to read it several times again, and I enjoyed it each time. If you haven’t yet, I’d say read it, before watching the movie.



Amazon (~$5)

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