I stand, perched upon the edge of a sheer, rocky cliff, with harsh, heavy waves crashing below. The vertigo strikes me slightly when I look down – what a silly thing after all this time. Curling my toes over the edge, I breathe deeply…and jump.

The winds howl against my ears as I pick up speed, and the seas below come rushing to greet me. My arms begin to move behind my back, shifting, meeting and reforming. My legs shrink, feet becoming sharp talons. My tail – tail! I love the tail – grows and sprouts its feathers. Moments later, a hawk flies above the seas.

I tilt my wings to change direction, curving from a dive to a smooth glide at high speeds. That swoop gives me an adrenaline rush as I ride the winds. Gaining altitude again, I loop up in gliding cartwheels; slowing upside-down at its apex, and speedily swooping back down again.

Above me I glimpse another hawk, slicing through the air towards me. My heart stops for a moment; I recover and change direction to avoid her. An indignant squawk, and she’s circling me, and I her. I call to her, and we fly together, playfully drifting close and far.

(Credit goes to Wikipedia)

Over cliff-tops, a field of grass and yellow flowers, and to a white-painted little wooden cottage. Our talons leave more marks on an already-scratched window sill, and we take the last hop inside together, changing back as we do.

“Welcome home, sweetheart,” I say.

Author’s Note – Dedicated to my Khin, who always flies home to me ❤

(written for the challenge over at

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