Hello all, and welcome to my new blog! I have just recently migrated from blogger, and I’m starting this out as a new blog, posting bit by bit as I work on my new writing. Here’s what you can expect from the site:


Short Stories

First and foremost, I love writing! I’ll be posting all my short stories and flash fiction to this blog (and maybe some poetry). In the near future, clicking the book will open an easy-access list of all the stories I’ve written, for all to read. Some stories will be one short post, some one long post, and some several posts worth.

Recommended Reads

Everyone’s coming here to read already, so why don’t I recommend some of my favourites? I’ll share with you my picks of published books, as well as great free reads from other blogs and writers. The link’s just below the book.

Author’s Note

That’s me! Every now and then, I’ll post updates on my writing, life and of course, the blog.


I hope you enjoy reading, and I appreciate every like, follow, and comments especially! If you’d like to see more of anything on the site, let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear from you.

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