Mistborn Trilogy – Recommended Read

The Author:

Brandon Sanderson is an author I’ve just begun reading, so I don’t have too much to say. His works are truly amazing, and he is truly talented at creating modern classics, with characters and plots that you will remember for a long time after reading the last page.

The Story:

Mistborn is a trilogy of books, set in a world where the hero has already failed, and evil, in the guise of the Lord Ruler, has triumphed and reigned for hundreds of years. The Lord Ruler has created two castes of people: the Nobles, who spend their time attending balls, dancing and socialising; and the Skaa, a downtrodden, abused slave race that can be killed without a second thought.

Vin, the main character of this story is a young Skaa girl, who gets caught up in a big scheme by a group of Skaa theives, to overthrow the Lord Ruler. Along the way, she discovers she is Mistborn, and can use metals to gain physical and mental advantages over her opponents.

The Read:

The premise was enough to entice me to read the series, but it is so much more!

Firstly, each book is well self-contained, but with a wide-sweeping arc of a story. This means if you worry about getting sucked into a trilogy, it would be fine to read just the first book on its own, but I definitely would recommend all three.

The main character, Vin, develops very nicely throughout the books, and acts to introduce the world very nicely, showing different aspects of the society and the magics involved. Speaking of magics, it’s one of the most involved systems of magic I have come across. The magic is based upon metals; there are ten main metals, or five pairs of metals. The paired metal will have an opposite reaction, for instance Steel will allow pushing on metals, while Iron will pull.

While the world and magics are so very well-developed like many fantasy fictions, the author gives the story plenty of space to develop, rather than over-writing the world. Overall, I was very pleased with the series and would recommend it to any fantasy readers at all, regardless of preferences of more plot or world. It was perfectly balanced in my view, like not many books have ever accomplished.

Just try reading it – you’ll be pulled in right from the start!



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One thought on “Mistborn Trilogy – Recommended Read

  1. Reblogged this on Paper Bound Love and commented:
    I read Mistborn Trilogy with my fiance, Mitch, over the past few months.
    We both really enjoyed it. It has to be one of my favorite trilogies.
    Mitch wrote a review of the books on his blog and I just have to repost it! (:
    Here you go~

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